Hardware design

Hardware design consists of defining the physical structure of an electronic circuit, an area in which SEEI has accumulated decades of experience. 

Utmost professionalism and expertise, combined with unrivalled expertise in the industry, are the key components that enable SEEI to master all stages of hardware system design, using the very latest SW parameters.

SEEI produces switchboard layouts, motor lists, system layouts, cable lists, general and detailed electrical drawings and connection lists for custom-built and typical system installations, and also ensures it provides the standard documentation according to the various national and international standards (CE, IEC, TUV, UL, GOST etc).

Software design
Software design follows its hardware counterpart with the same level of competence and professionalism, characteristics that make SEEI an ideal...
Start up commissioning
SEEI provides highly qualified, specialised personnel for the start-up phases of the system in order to set up and optimise the system, thus...