Standardised PCC Panels

Power Control Centre (PCC) panels are at the heart of power distribution in all types of industry. In order to ensure optimum personnel safety, continuity of service and hassle-free inspection and maintenance, even on systems with high levels of short-circuit currents, SEEI designs and builds PCC panels with cutting-edge features, offering solutions for different market segments.

The essential features of SEEI PCCs are:

  • Protection panels on each side of the series of compartments that constitute the electrical panel;
  • Internal metal partitions between each compartment and between each compartment switch;
  • Different types of segregation available;
  • Customisable combination of basic compartments to produce a panel that responds to the particular needs of the system;
  • Grounding of the entire metal structure of the panel;
  • Accessibility to the equipment in absolute safety;
  • Compliance with the most exacting system requirements and regulations, up to 6300 A rated current and 690V rated voltage, as well as high short-circuit current values.
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