Distributed Control Systems

Drawing on continuous technological innovation and a high level of hands-on expertise, SEEI has been designing and manufacturing Pulp & Paper process control systems for many years, always taking full advantage of the very latest in hw/sw design. This experience has provided SEEI with the necessary know-how to develop diagnostic systems, management system interfaces and process optimisation activities.

SEEI develops its DCS software using highly qualified staff. Flexibility and scalability stand out among the strengths of the DCS systems built by SEEI, which develops solutions using the various platforms available on the market. The experience it has gained over the years has also led SEEI to develop its own proprietary libraries specific to the Pulp & Paper industry. When paired with powerful design configuration tools, these libraries enable the construction of fully integrated automation and monitoring solutions that operators find to be very user-friendly. The DCS system build is overseen by SEEI technicians, who are constantly present on-site right up to final  acceptance of the system by the customer. SEEI has also developed its own solution for controlling a third-party QCS in its DCS.

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