Technology and quality

Advanced technology combined with high quality standards: SEEI simplifies your systems guaranteeing cutting-edge results.

The key factor in SEEI's success is its consistent use of the most advanced technology and continually evolving design systems. This has enabled the Tuscan company to carve out a profile of international renown alongside the major players in the Pulp & Paper industry since its inception in 1977. SEEI places great focus on innovation and quality, passing on the benefits to its customers and maintaining full compliance with current regulations in the country in question. It is for this reason that the SEEI team's systems are designed and built using devices of increasingly advanced design, aimed specifically at optimising processes. It also explains how this Tuscan company is able to guarantee high operational flexibility and customised solutions, integrating existing drives into new architectures and technologies.

Drawing on know-how acquired over almost forty years of operations, SEEI is a Tuscan company specialising in the design, installation, commissioning...
SEEI simplifies your systems in an efficient and personalised manner, wherever you are.