Automation Panels

SEEI has been designing and manufacturing industrial automation panels for nearly four decades, providing integration at various levels of automation systems using cutting-edge technology.

PLCs and decentralised remote units are the main hardware interface of a DCS. The main types of panels that SEEI designs and manufactures are: Standardised 19" modular racks that are compliant with international standards and house various hardware components built on DCS architecture (Servers, Engineering Workstations, Operator Workstations, network devices and so on), CPU Cabinets, Remote I/O panels (for electric or field substations) custom-built in scalable, modular units that can be easily expanded to satisfy the controlled system requirements, thanks to the numerous possible digital and analogue input/output combinations, Bus communication modules,  Security management cards etc., Industrial cabling panels using both fibre optic (plastic and glass) and CAT 7A network cables and the very latest termination techniques.

Standardised PCC Panels
Power Control Centre (PCC) panels are at the heart of power distribution in all types of industry. In order to ensure optimum personnel safety,...
Standardised MCC Panels
Sound knowledge of all the issues inherent in the start-up and protection of AC motors has allowed SEEI to design its own MCC Panel for starting up...
Drive control systems
SEEI designs and manufactures both AC and DC drive control systems. Following many years of experience, and with over 300 systems installed complete...