Electrical Systems

When requested, SEEI can provide all the necessary materials and know-how for the construction and commissioning of the electrical system as part of a "turnkey" supply.

This not only includes the design and build processes, but also the actual installation of the automation system itself. This means that the customer can be assured of the highest levels of experience and professionalism from the SEEI technicians: cables, cable trays and their installation and connection have been part of the Tuscan company's core business for the past forty years, a company that has the requisite expertise to work in every part of the world and implement systems to the standards in force in the various countries in which the system is installed.

Standardised PCC Panels
Power Control Centre (PCC) panels are at the heart of power distribution in all types of industry. In order to ensure optimum personnel safety,...
Standardised MCC Panels
Sound knowledge of all the issues inherent in the start-up and protection of AC motors has allowed SEEI to design its own MCC Panel for starting up...
Drive control systems
SEEI designs and manufactures both AC and DC drive control systems. Following many years of experience, and with over 300 systems installed complete...