In its 30 years History of operations SEEI ha delivered more than 230 mayor installations in the Pulp & Paper markets.
These plants split between Tissue machine and Board, Paper machines. In the early beginning most customer were based in Italy, but gradually they spread all around the World.

Customers are among:
• the main top class world manufacturer of Tissue and Paper Machines;
• direct customer that is Paper Mills.
Paper mills can be independent ones or belong to International Groups, who decided to select SEEI as supplier for their plants; that's a proof of the reliability and quality achieved by SEEI systems worldwide.

SEEI has managed, "powered and automated" also very complex plants, with machine speed to 2000 m/Min, width to 5400 mm / 8000 mm, stock preparation plants with several lines and sophisticated waste paper treatment.


Drawing on know-how acquired over almost forty years of operations, SEEI is a Tuscan company specialising in the design, installation, commissioning...
Technology and quality
Advanced technology combined with high quality standards: SEEI simplifies your systems guaranteeing cutting-edge results.
SEEI simplifies your systems in an efficient and personalised manner, wherever you are.
Job opportunities
SEEI is constantly looking for bright new minds capable of conceiving, designing and building automation systems using the latest technology.